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Yo. Welcome to my profile person who clicked the Random Deviant.....That's right I know you do that, how else do you explain my friends....Anyways, thank you for coming. In this website, my imagination has no limits, and that's why I have fanfictions. If you want to see more, then please go to, and look for my username, MercilessSun. Also my xbox gamertag is WhoozCraznow.

Favorite Superhero-Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Favorite comedian-Robin Williams

Favorite quote-I'm all fired up now!

5 favorite anime-Bleach, Fairy Tail, Highschool of the Dead, Rosario + Vampire, Air Gear

Favorite characters from those 5-Ichigo Kurosaki, Erza Scarlet, Saeko Busajima, Mizore Shirayuki, Ikki

Favorite Starter Pokémon from the 6 generations-Blastoise, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, Torterra, Samurott, Delphox

Type of Magic that I would wield if I were in Fairy Tail-Requip Magic.

Lantern Corps that I would want to join-The Blue Lantern Corps

Favorite video games(Get ready for a long list)-God of War series, Assassin's Creed series, Pokémon (Gens 1-4), Batman Arkham series, Injustice, Borderlands series, Final Fantasy 13 1 and 2, Kingdom Hearts series, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Mortal Kombat, Mario series, Legend of Zelda series, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Bioshock series

Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Bleach, Highschool of the Dead, Air Gear, Rosario + Vampire, Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Broken Blade, Darker Than Black, When They Cry, Iron Man, Blade, Wolverine, X-Men, Death Note, Soul Eater, World War Blue, Highschool DxD, Girls Bravo!, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, Sword Art Online

Favorite DC Animated movies: Batman: Under the Red Hood/ Assault on Arkham; Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker; Superman vs the Elite; Superman/ Doomsday; Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies and Apocalypse; Justice League: Doom/ War/ Crisis on 2 Earths/ Flashpoint Paradox; Green Lantern: First Flight/ Emerald Knights; Son of Batman; All-Star Superman

Favorite Comic Books: Fantastic Four, Savage Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Deadpool( Kills the Marvel Universe/ Killustrated), Flashpoint (Along with FP: Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern), Batman (New 52, Killing Joke, Death in the Family, and Beyond: 10000 Clowns), Green Lantern (War of the Green Lanterns; Blackest Night, along with BN: GLC; New 52 GL; Certain GLC issues; 1st volume of Red Lanterns and #20, double issue 28, 24; 1st 3 of GL New guardians, 20, 23, 24; 1-3, 5 of Larfleeze; 1-4 of Sinestro); All-Star Superman, Superman: Red Son, Red Hood and the Outlaws vol. 1 and 2; Justice League vol. 1, Secret Origins 2-6, Fear Itself...And much more to come!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy what I got. ^^

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-Isaac's Bedroom, Isaac's POV-

I just found out that I am now the servant of Rias Gremory, and reborn as a Devil. To be honest, I wouldn't want it any way. I asked her, "So Rias, if you don't mind me asking, why were we both naked last night?"

"Well, you may not have been injured, but I think you needed the stimulation. And before you ask, no, we did not do it."

"Oh." Dammit! I know it was my first time with Ragyo, but why not with Rias?! Oh well, at least I saw her awesome jugs, hehe. "So, what do we do now?"

"Well, I say we get ready for school."

"Alright, I'll get dressed and make breakfast."

"Where is your mother?"

As I was getting dressed, I said, "It's just me. I've been set up since I got here."


I asked her, "Whatcha wanna eat, Lady Rias?"

"Whatever you like, Isaac."

"Then you'll like what I cook up."

I made eggs, sausage and some toast. When we finished up, I cleaned up, and Rias said, "Thank you for that. Certainly was delicious."

"Not a problem. Let's get going, shall we?"

"Yes. Let's."

-Kuoh Academy, Isaac's POV-

We just got to the school, and people were already gossiping. "Wow, Rias Gremory walking with this mystery guy." "Who is he?" "Damn! Why's some mystery douche gotta get with Rias!?"

When we got in, Rias said, "Go to class, and later on I will send someone to fetch you."

"Oh. Then see you then, Lady Rias."

-End of all classes, some random classroom, Isaac's POV-

Damn, that was boring. Hopefully seeing Rias will be better. Ah, what am I saying?! That's fucking Rias Gremory. I just met, yet I'm so damn glad I did!

I then heard some girls screaming because some guy just walked in. The guy said, "Now, now ladies. I wouldn't mind talking to you, but I'm here to get someone."

He walked to me and said, "Are you Isaac Fennis?"


"Great. I'm Kiba Yuto. Please come with me."


-Occult Research Club building, Isaac's POV-

I just got here, and there weren't many people. It was just me, Kiba, and some little girl with silver hair, and a black cat head hair pin eating some chocolate. I said, "Wait, who is that?"

Kiba said, "Oh, that is Koneko Tojo, a first year here, and a valued member of the club."

Koneko said, "Nice to meet you."

"Hey, I'm Isaac Fennis."

I then heard a shower. Wait, is that Rias? Hell yeah!

I then heard someone say, "Your clothes are ready, Miss President."

"Thank you, Akeno."

She got out of the shower and got dressed. "Oh, hello Isaac. I'm sorry for taking a shower now, I didn't have any time to while I was at your place."

"Oh, that's no problem."

A black-haired woman stepped out and said, "Oh, hello. I don't believe I've seen you before. I'm Akeno, the vice president."

"I'm Isaac Fennis. Nice to meet you." Damn! This Akeno chick is something else. So damn big.....

Rias said, "Well now that introductions are out of the way, I'd like to say welcome to the Occult Research Club."

"What club?"

"Don't worry, it's not a cult. It's just a front for us Devils. As I said before, you are now a Devil, and for now on, you are my servant. Now think of us Devils as Chess Pieces. I am the King, Akeno is my Queen, Koneko is the Rook, Kiba is the Knight, and you, Isaac, are my new Pawn."


"Yes. Oh and Yuma Amano and the man from last night, they are known as 'Fallen Angels.' Yuma was sent to kill you for what is known as a Sacred Gear."

"Sacred Gear?"

Akeno said, "It is a rare trait found in few people, including historical figures, so feel honored with that."

Rias said, "Now that we got that out of the way, I think it's time we bring it out. Hold out both your hands."

"Alright." I held them both out.

"Now I want you to focus on the strongest part of your body and bring that power out."

"Right." I focused on both of my hands, and I then felt something warm on both of them. I opened my eyes and saw red and silver gauntlets appear on my hands.

Rias said, "And what are you?"

We all heard a voice say, "I am Ariz, the Ascension Phoenix."

I said, "What the hell?!"

Rias said, "Well, nice to know you're well equipped for any job, but for now I think you should be going out and spreading out these fliers for the club. Do well enough, and you may get your own servants."

"My own servants....Sounds good enough for me, President."

"Good. Take these and spread them throughout the town."

The gauntlets went away and I said, "Yes, ma'am."

-ORC building, 1 hour later, Isaac's POV-

"President, I just got done with spreading out the fliers."

"Good. Now before you go home, could you do a favor for me?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"It seems Koneko has 2 requests. Now could you please take one off her hands? I'm sure it would be a good way to start getting pacts."

"Sure thing. But before I go, how do I get pacts?"

"Well, normally Devils have their own way of doing it, but I think you should just have the person raise their right hand, and say 'I hereby form a bond with this Devil of the House of Gremory.'"

"Sounds good to me."

"Now before you go, let me give you something."


She held my hand and put some kind of symbol on it.

"This is so people recognize that you are of the House of Gremory."

"Oh, gotcha."

"Now stand in this circle, and you shall be sent."

A magic circle was made, I stood in the middle and was sent to the person who called for Koneko.

-Dark room, Isaac's POV-

I stood in some dark room, but there were candles burning. I looked around and said, "Hello, you called for the Devil?"

A man with long black hair, some kind of death metal band shirt and piercings said, "You aren't Koneko."

"Woah. Sorry, I am Koneko's replacement, Isaac."

"Oh, as long as someone is here."

"So what do you normally do with Koneko?"

"We just listen to some death metal and have some snacks, but she was never interested."

"You're just in luck. I happen to enjoy metal. What do you want to listen to?"

"How does Killswitch Engage sound?"


We just chilled, listening to Killswitch Engage and music similar to it for about 30 minutes, and after that I said, "Well, it's been fun, but I think it's time for me to leave."

"Oh, well. It's been fun. Wait, could we do a pact?"

"Aren't you with Koneko?"

"Yeah, but a human can make a pact with more 1 Devil."

"Then let's do this. I assume you know how to do it."

"Yes." He raised his right hand and said, "I hereby form a bond with this Devil of the House of Gremory."

"Thank you for that." I went out his door and left.

-On route to Isaac's Home, Isaac's POV-

Damn, Rias could've given me a way back after getting a pact with this guy. Oh well, I guess this gives me time to think about what's happened, and also my mission. I'm supposed to find the next parasite, but I don't even know where to look.

About 30 minutes after that, I saw this woman say, "Well, aren't you a lost little Devil?"

"Shit. I don't know who you are, but I don't want any trouble."

"What if I do?"

"Fine, if you want to go that way, then that's on you. Activate, Sacred Gear!" The Gauntlets formed around my hands, and flames formed around me. "Don't fuck with me!"

"If you want it that way, then bring it on!" She spread out her wings, and rushed toward me, but I countered punched her in the side, became enraged and flames burst out. Her clothes were then burned off and she said, "Fuck this! Anyone else can take you on, but I'm out!" She then flew off, and I went back to the ORC.

-ORC building, Isaac's POV-

I just informed everyone about what happened: from me getting my first pact, to the Fallen Angel attacking. Rias said, "Well, I'll certainly be more careful with this, and you need to be careful too. Just because a Fallen Angel provokes you doesn't mean you should be attacking on your own. Not only is that dangerous, but it also makes us other Devils look bad."

"Yes, President. I apologize for my actions, and I will adjust my behavior next time this happens."

"Very good. And also I congratulate you on getting your first pact. You have a long way to go to be recognized as a great Devil, but this is an excellent start."

"Thank you, ma'am. I will be on my way. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Isaac."

-Isaac's Home, Isaac's POV-

Well today was....something. I just started becoming a Devil, and it's already a shitstorm. But at least Rias gave me a way to get this mission done right. I thank you, Rias Gremory, for being a part of this mission.


Rebel Phoenix DxD-Take This Oath

Hey guys! In this chapter of Rebel Phoenix DxD, Isaac starts his journey as the Pawn of Rias Gremory, and unlocks his Sacred Gear, the Rebirth Gear.

In this story, fellow Wanderer Isaac Fennis is sent to the 'High School DxD' universe, where our perverted Issei Hyodo does not exist. Isaac is going to have to take his place, even if it means die! But not to worry, he will be surrounded by the beautiful women of the Occult Research Club. Will he follow in Issei's steps, or will he follow his own path and get even further with Rias? Find out on the follow episodes of Dragon Ball Z Abridged! Damn! I mean following episodes of Rebel Phoenix DxD! (Damn, I gotta work on that....OH!) Thanks for reading!


Name: Isaac Fennis

Height: 5'7

Weight: 130

Race: Devil

Personality: Lazy, but ready for action; a little pervy; loving.

Backstory: Isaac was originally from the Kill la Kill universe, but when the timeline was changed, and changed it back with Satsuki Matoi. But when it was changed back, he became part of a multi-universal protection agency called the Wanderers. His next mission is to protect the 'High School DxD' universe because the hero, Issei Hyodo, suddenly didn't exist. He is now going to be the hero of this harem universe!

Sacred Gear: Rebirth Gear. It is known as the Ascension Phoenix, the legendary Phoenix from Greek mythology.

Form 1-Fire Feather Gauntlets: They are red and silver gauntlets on both his hands that when struck upon an opponent deal fire damage.


Character Profile: Isaac Fennis
Hey there. This is a character profile for Isaac on Rebel Phoenix DxD.

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-Chronal Nexus, Isaac's POV-

I just got called to a new mission. Clark said to me, "Good for you to come, Isaac. It seems something is changing the Highschool DxD universe."

"What can you tell me about this universe before I go in?"

"It is about a young pervert named Issei Hyodo. He finally got a girlfriend, but she turned out to be a Fallen Angel and killed him for the power he possessed. He was revived by the sister of the Devil, Rias Gremory. Over the course of events, he stopped the destruction of his school multiple times, prevented the marriage between her and a bad Devil, stopped an ancient war between Angels, Devil and Fallen Angels from resuming, defeated the White Dragon Emperor, was able to wield the Legendary Hammer Mjolnir, and got Rias back to her senses from Loki."

"Wow, so what changed?"

"He doesn't exist."

"Yowch, that certainly would be bad if he made that much of an impact."

"True, so are you ready?"

"That I am."

"Good, just jump into the ring, and you'll be sent to the universe. Good luck, Isaac."

"Thanks, I know I'll need it."

I jumped into the ring, and saw all the events Clark talked about.

-Unknown school, Isaac's POV-

I appeared in a school yard, wearing a white and black uniform. I was walking around, when I noticed that most of the students were female, except for a bald guy, a nerd, and a not-so-bad looking guy. I dig around in my pockets, and I find a note. It reads,


Welcome to Kuoh Academy. You are enrolled already, so don't worry about that. Also the classes and schedule are already loaded into your memory, and of course, have fun on the mission.


Wow, he's right. Time to go to my next class. While I'm walking to my next class, I saw a beautiful woman with blood-red hair and big breasts.

-Occult Research Club building, Rias' POV-

I was looking out the window, when I notice an orange-haired guy.

I look to Akeno and ask, "Who was that boy there with the orange hair?"

She was sitting, thinking about the next move for our chess game. She paused and said, "I'm afraid I don't recall, Lady Rias. But perhaps, Sona would know."

"Right. Thank you for that."

I moved a chess piece, and said, "Checkmate."


"Your trap was easy to see. Well, I believe it is time for a shower." I then started to take off all my clothes and hopped in the shower. As the hot water was showering over my body I was thinking, 'Maybe there's something about him.'

-Bridge outside of school, after school, Isaac's POV-

Nothing like starting off a mission with some boring school work. Damn, why didn't Clark even give me a hint on what to do? I guess whatever comes my way will help.

"Um excuse me," said a mysterious girl.

"Hello." Who is this? I don't know much about this school or any of the surrounding schools, but I don't recognize that uniform.

"You're Isaac Fennis from Kuoh Academy, right?"


"Um, I, uh."

"Is there something I can help you with?" Wow. I get a better look at her, and she isn't bad looking. Those breasts are amazing, and she's got a cute face.

"Kinda. I wanted to ask you a quick question. Are you seeing anyone right now?"

Are you fucking serious?! Is this going exactly where I think it's going?! "No. Why do you ask?"

"That's wonderful."

"It is?"

"Yes. In that case, since you're single, do you think you would like to go out with me?"

"Go out with me?" Oh shit! I just got here for my mission, and this is already awesome! I'm about to get a girlfriend, and she's smoking hot!

"I know you're new here, but I wanted to muster some courage, and ask you out. See, the thing is.....I'd like you to be my boyfriend!"

Hell yes. Accept, dude, ACCEPT! "Yeah." SCORE!

Before she leaves, I ask, "Wait, what's your name?"

"It's Yuma Amano."

"Nice to meet you, Yuma."

-Occult Research Club, Rias' POV-

"I see. Good job, Koneko."

Koneko Tojo, a young girl with silver hair, female uniform and a black cat head hair pin, said, "You were right, Lady Rias."

Akeno said, "So what now?"

"Now we prepare for when they strike, the rest depends on him."

-Unknown house, Isaac's POV-

I just got to a house I don't know, but my instincts told me to come here. I search through my pockets again, and find a key. I put it in the lock, and it unlocked.

I walk in and say, "Hello? Anyone here?"

I find a folded up note. I open it up and say,

"Welcome home, Isaac.

This is where you are going to stay for the rest of your mission. It's a 2 bed, 2 bath house, completely stocked kitchen, and don't worry, no one else lives here. We made a fake history for you. If anyone asks who you are, you are Isaac Fennis. Your parents are leaders of a multi-million dollar company, and sent you here with rent paid until you graduate.

        Have fun, Clark."

Wow. I get this awesome house. I can't wait until Yuma comes here. I go up to my room, drop off my bag and log onto my computer. I log on to Pandora, and just listen to some music for a while until around 10-ish.

-The next day, Isaac's House, Isaac's POV-

Hell of a Friday. School was boring as usual, but now I'm done with that, and I'm about to call Yuma. All of a sudden, my cell phone rings. It's Yuma. "Hey, Yuma. What's up?"

"Hey, Isaac. I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date Sunday."

"A date?" How lucky can one guy get?! Alright, say yes, and you'll get one step closer to getting lucky with this girl.

"Yeah, that would sound like fun."

"Excellent. Where do you want to meet up?"

"I know of a shopping district near my school. Meet there, say, 11?"

"Sounds good."

"Alright. I guess I'll see you then. Bye."

"Bye, and I love you."

"I love you too."

I hang up and loudly say, "Hell yeah! I get possibly the hottest girl I've ever seen, and the next day, she asks me out on a date. How could this possibly get any better?!"

I take a shower, set aside some clothes for the next couple of days, and just chill for the next 5 hours. At 9, that's when I go to sleep.

-Shopping District near Isaac's house, Isaac's POV-

It's already 10:50, and I'm just waiting for Yuma. A woman walked up to me and asked, "Would you like a flier?"

I was handed a small piece of paper with a strange circle. "Your wish will come true. Hm, let's see if it does."

"Hey, Isaac." Oh, it's Yuma.

"Hey Yuma, glad you could make it."

"I'm sorry if i'm a little late."

"No, you're quite early. Ready to have some fun?"


We pretty much had some fun, checking out some clothes, went to a photo booth, and I bought her a nice pink bracelet. We stopped at a café. She was eating a parfait, while I was drinking some green juice or something like that. While she was eating, I couldn't help but look at her boobs. When she looked at me, I looked back up and smiled at her.

-Fountain near apartment, later at night, Isaac's POV-

We just finished our awesome date when we decided to walk to a fountain near my place. Our hands briefly touched. So I decided to take the initiative and grabbed her hand. She opened her eyes a little, then had a kind of disappointed look. She walked in front of me and asked, "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well since we had this great date, I was wondering if you could do something for me."

"Yeah. I'd do anything."

She walked up to me and asked in my ear, "Would you die for me?"

"I'm sorry, I don't think I heard that right. What was that?"

"I asked if you could die for me."

Wow, this is weird. I meet a nice girl, and now she could be crazy. her clothes are suddenly ripping....and...bare boobs! Now, this tight revealing leather is being put on.

Yuma said, "I do apologize for what's about to happen. But if you want anyone to blame, blame him. He did give you the Sacred Gear."

"What are you talking-HA!"

I was then stabbed with a red spear made of light.

"I did like the gift though. Very sweet. I'm sorry, my love."

She then flew off with black wings.

.........Is this how it ends? I save an entire universe from being drastically changed, get recruited into a multi-universal protection agency, and get killed by a hot girl....There could be worse ways.

That girl.....Not Yuma, but the other one. The girl with the long blood-red hair and big boobs. Why am I thinking about that now? I'm about to fucking die!

All of a sudden, that sheet of paper flew out of my pocket and made a red circle, and that girl with red hair came out of it, and said, "You will not die today. You will be saved, and serve me, Rias Gremory."

-The next day, Isaac's house, Isaac's POV-

I woke up panicked by my alarm clock. I look at my stomach, and there is no scar. Was it a dream? Ah, who cares? I need to get ready for school.

-Kuoh Academy, Isaac's POV-

Well, at least I got here on time. I'm about to get to my class when I see the red-haired girl. A vision flashes in my head. I see her over me, and she says, "You will be saved, and serve me, Rias Gremory."

I unknowingly whisper, "Rias."

She looks at me, and smiles. I smile back, but then I hurryingly get to class.

-Back home, Isaac's POV-

Damn, once again, that shit was boring. Oh, well. The best thing about today was seeing that girl Rias.

-Later, Isaac's POV-

It got around 7:30 when I noticed something. I was on my computer, and I thought it was too bright. So I turned off the light, and it was still too bright. What the hell?

I ran outside and thought something was screwy. I heard some girl back-talk her mother from like 5 yards, but it sounded like they were next to me. I then saw a cat as clear as day in a dark alley. What the hell is going on?!

I run to a fountain, and the memories of last night flashed: Yuma stripping to that outfit, her making that spear and killing me.

I then heard a man say, "Either you want to kill me, or you just wandered off on your own. Ah, it doesn't matter, you're going to die either way, little Devil."

"Devil?! What do you mean?"

"Like you don't know. Now DIE!"

I then heard a woman say, "Don't you dare touch him!"

I saw Rias appear, and the man said, "Oh, I didn't now this city was under rule of the mighty Rias Gremory. I take it this little one is yours?"

"Yes he is. And I don't appreciate any Fallen Angels being in my territory. Now leave before you feel the wrath of the House of Gremory."

"Fine, I'll go. But make sure he doesn't run off again."

He then flew off. I then fainted and a few more people appeared.

-Fountain, Rias' POV-

What a weak Devil.

Koneko says, "Is he alright?"

"Yes, he was just overwhelmed."

Akeno says, "Shall I take care of him?"

"No. I'll look after him."

-Isaac's bedroom, Isaac's POV-

I'm....back home....and naked! Dammit! Is Ragyo here again?! Wait, what's this next to me?

It's.....HOLY SHIT! It's Rias naked next to me! Okay, Isaac calm down. Just lay back down, and she'll wake up, and you may or may not get lucky.

I laid back down, and that's when Rias moved. She moved her cover and said, "Good morning stranger."

"Morning, Rias."

"Now how do you know of me?"

"It was back at the fountain."

"Well, you mind telling me your name?"

"It's Isaac Fennis."

"Well, Isaac Fennis. I am Rias Gremory, and for now on, you are going to be a Devil, and my servant."

........Devil?! And her servant?! Hell yeah!

Rebel Phoenix DxD-End of Heartache

Hey guys! And welcome to Rebel Phoenix DxD! This is pretty much a follow-up to my Kill la Kill fanfiction, Anarchy Clothing.

In this story, fellow Wanderer Isaac Fennis is sent to the 'High School DxD' universe, where our perverted Issei Hyodo does not exist. Isaac is going to have to take his place, even if it means die! But not to worry, he will be surrounded by the beautiful women of the Occult Research Club. Will he follow in Issei's steps, or will he follow his own path and get even further with Rias? Find out on the follow episodes of Dragon Ball Z Abridged! Damn! I mean following episodes of Rebel Phoenix DxD! (Damn, I gotta work on that....OH!) Thanks for reading!


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-3 miles of Honno City Bay, 2 weeks later, Isaac's POV-

After the Student Counsel fight, it all went to hell. Ryuko's mother arrived for some kind of festival, but it was a trap. She trapped all the people in these suits called 'Covers,' and pretty much took control of Japan. She also kidnapped Satsuki, and all I have left of Satsuki is the sword made of the remains of Isshin's Rending Scissors. The Elite Four, head of the Sewing Club, and I took refuge in Nudist Beach's ship, the SS Naked Sun.

Aikuro had us in the conference room there, and showed us this machine that would pretty much suck the people out of the Covers. I wasn't really paying attention. I was just looking out the window, thinking about Satsuki. I then heard Ira say, "Fennis."


I turned towards them and Aikuro said, "You got anything for us?"


"Good. You'll be the frontline for the assault on Ragyo. We got Ira taking out most of the Covers, and escorting all the people back here; Nonon is gonna be getting Satsuki back for you; Uzu will take care of Nui Harime; and you will take care of Ragyo. How does that sound?"

"Sounds perfect. Hey, Uzu. Give this to Satsuki when you get her." He throw him her sword.

"I will. Good luck to you all."

Shiro Iori then said, "Before you leave, I have something for you all. New 3 Star Goku Uniforms for you all, and I also enhanced your Seven Strike Gear, Isaac."

"Thanks, Shiro."

Aikuro ended with, "Alright, Nudist Beach. Let's roll out!"

-Honno City, Isaac's POV-

We just docked at the city, and Ira took off in a rage, punching the Covers and sucking the people out of it; the others drove off in a Jeep while I took off on a motorcycle. We got to the entrance of Honnoji Academy, and I saw Ragyo at the top of the tower, laughing maniacally. She then saw us enter and sent the Covers after us. Uzu and I then attacked them, and when the Life Fibers unraveled, the people then dropped, and I said, "Quick! At the end of the road is the rescue ship!"

I then activated my communicator and said, "Aikuro! Tsumugu! Get out here and help these people back to the Naked Sun. With all these Covers, it'll be too dangerous for them to go."

He then replied, "You got it. DTR units, GO!"

We saw these 2-legged robots jump from the Naked Sun to Honnoji Academy. It was most of the Nudist Beach agents in these robots escorting the rescued back to the Naked Sun.

I then heard Nonon say, "Hey, Fennis, I may need your help."

"What's up Jakuzure?"

"It seems Lady Ragyo was real paranoid about Satsuki escaping, and she made Life Fiber copies of us. Since you know how to beat us, come help me!"

"Sure thing. I'm on my way. Aikuro, make sure that everyone gets back safely. And Uzu, good luck!"

-Satsuki's Cage, Isaacs POV-

I just got to where Satsuki was taken, and Nonon was real exhausted. I said to her, "You take it easy. I got this.."

I then activated my Seven Strike Gear, and it looked slimmer, and felt stronger. The Life Fiber copies of the Elite Four then oked at me with angry faces, and I took out my sword. "Come get it, you Life Fiber bastards!"

I rushed at the copy of Gamagori, and stabbed straight through his Shackle Regalia, and he unraveled. Then came Inumuta in the Probe Regalia. I grabbed his head, and slammed him into the ground. The shock of that unraveled him as well

Nonon's copy didn't have that big airship, but it did send powerful music shockwaves at me. I then made speakers from the Life Fibers and blasted her apart with metal music. Finally it was Uzu in his Blade Regalia. He swung at me with huge swords, but I blocked it, and in a furious break, I cut him in half. I then sheathed my sword and said, "Never get in the way of love."

I then got to the cage and saw Satsuki with a different Kamui on. It was white with gold accents, and looked like Ryuko's Junketsu. On the lock of the cage, I saw the eye of Senketsu. I said, "Senketsu......What did that bitch do to you? Satsuki! Are you okay in there?"

She stood up and had a crazy smile on her face. "Oh, I'm fine now....Now that I have received Mother's love..."

"Satsuki....Nonon, get out of here, and help Uzu. With what's going on, I think he'll need all the help."

"Right." She ran quickly to Uu, who was taing out some Covers on his way to Nui.

Satsuki bust out of the cage, transformed her Kamui and said, "Life Fiber OverRide! Kamui Tadashīdesu!"

She charged at me with a copy of Ryuko's sword, Bakuzan. I kept blocking, saying, "Please, Satsuki. I don't want to fight you!"

She said, "The plan wasn't to fight you."

"What are you-AH!"

I was then knocked out by her mother, who suddenly appeared behind me.

-Dream: Honnoji Academy, Isaac's POV-

Did anyone get the number of that train? Why am I having another dream?.....Wait, this is Ryuko, Satsuki and the Elite Four fighting Ragyo. Everything is working, Ryuko has both halves of the Scissor Blades, Nui Harime has no arms......ok....And both the girls and tearing Ragyo a new one. Wait, she's regenerating?!

Now I see this giant ball of yarn. Wait...why is it getting all staticky? Now it's zooming in on something.....Dear, God! What is that leech thing?

END of Dream

-Ragyo's Bedroom, Isaac's POV-

Ugh, where am I? Why am I handcuffed to a bed?! Where's my sword?! And where's Hidden Love, Hidden Life?!

I then hear a voice come from the right say, "Ah, you're finally awake. I'm so happy. The name is Ragyo Kiryuin, Ryuko and Satsuki's mother. I do apologize for handcuffing you to the bed, but I don't want an interesting one such as yourself to escape."

I turned my head to the right, and noticed she was naked. "What is going on? What happened to everyone else?!"

"Oh, don't worry about them. The Covers already took them, and all the people you thought you rescued."

"So what happened was...."

"Yes, a trap. But let's not think about that right now....."

She climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck.


I gasped out of pleasure, and said, "Please...Don't."

She kept kissing me and said, "There's nothing you can do to run away from this...You can come in now.."

I then saw Satsuki and Ryuko next to the bed, naked. "What? Satsuki....Ryuko-"

Satsuki then came up to me and kissed me on the lips. She then climbed on the bed, on my right side, and kept kissing me, while Ryuko climbed onto the left side, and started rubbing her hands up and down my chest.

Ragyo then got on top of my member and we both screamed from pleasure. She then looked at me with a lustful face, and started moving up and down.

Ryuko went up to her mother and started kissing her and fondled her breasts. Satsuki kept kissing me, but she got on top of me.

They kept going for a few minutes, and I felt my climax coming. I said, "Ragyo...I'm coming..."

"Release it inside me."

I then came inside her, and Ragyo said, "Yes, I can feel it inside me. Well done.

They all got off me and laid next to me.


I said, "That was amazing, Ragyo."

"If you stay with me, then it will never end."

"I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell I can accept that! HHRRAH!"

I then got out of the handcuffs, but I was stopped by some Life Fibers.

She said, "It seems the Primordial Life Fiber is interested in you as well. Oh, and there is something known as a 'Time Leech' attached, and it gave the Life Fiber amazing power."

"Well, it's not the only thing here with amazing power!"

I then focused and the Life Fibers weaved around me, and formed a new Hidden Love, Hidden Life and sword.

She looked at me and said, "How?!"

"My name is Isaac Fennis! I come from an alternate timeline where your daughter Ryuko ultimately kicks your ass! But since that isn't happening, I'm happy to fill the part!"

She replied, "Well, you can't expect me to fight in the nude....NUI!"

"Coming right up, Lady Ragyo!"

Nui then came in with a hooded robe, and Ragyo put it on. "Life Fiber Override! Kamui Shinra-Koketsu!"

She dove down and I felt this massive rumbling. From the bedroom, this giant ball of threads came out! I grabbed Ryuko and Satsuki and took them to the Naked Sun. Aikuro was somehow alive and said, "What happened?!"

"Ragyo had me trapped, and is now bringing out the Primordial Life Fiber! Save everyone you can, and get the hell out of here!"

"Right." He got into his DTR and jumped to Honnoji Academy and started destroying Covers.

"That gets one thing done."

Satsuki and Ryuko were now sleeping naked next to each other. "Ryuko, Satsuki. I love you, and I'm sorry your mother was fucking nuts. Now I'm gonna take care of this bitch."

I kissed Satsuki, and put a blanket over them and flew off.

-Skies above Honno City, Isaac's POV-

Now I settle this once and for all! I fly up to Ragyo and her Primordial Life Fiber. "Ragyo! Now we settle this! Mistress of the Life Fiber vs. The Rebel of the Life Fibers!"

"Right you are."

She sent some Fibers from the PLF towards me, but I sliced them to bits, and flew towards her. She made a barrier, but I charged through it and cut her in half. But she then came back together. "HAHAHAHAHA! Don't you see? Every attempt is useless. I am a human/Life Fiber hybrid, they keep me alive no matter the severity, I always come back!"

"Then I guess I'll try something crazy and reckless! See ya later!"

I turned, and rushed into the Primordial Life Fiber. She rushed towards me.

I kept slashing through the Life Fibers, but Ragyo was constantly on my ass. She caught me and slammed me into the core of the Life Fiber. I then saw the Time Leech. I tried to reach for it, but Ragyo stabbed me in the arm. "There's no way in hell you're going to ruin my plan. Now watch this!"

She took the Leech, put in on herself, and became more powerful than ever. I then said, "I guess you don'tneed this then! HHHAAA!!!!"

I fought through the pain, took the sword out of my arm, and destroyed the Core of the Primordial Life Fiber.

"NO! You insane bastard! Do you realize what you just did?!"

"No, nor do I care, you crazy bitch!" I then rushed to her and cut the Time Leech in half.

She yelled, " And now, you're setting time the way it was meant to be! My daughters will now kill me, ad it's your fault!"

The world around me started to get static-y like a TV station. "Wait, what's going on?"

I heard a voice say, "I don't know who you are, but you did an excellent job."

The world around me started to change, and I was then in a tunnel, seeing all the events of the original timeline. I saw Ryuko go to her father's home, get the Red Scissor Blade, enter Honnoji Academy, get Senketsu, defeat all Club Presidents, win the Student Counsel fight, get enraged by Nui, have Senketsu sliced into shreds by Nui, get it all back rom the Student Counsel, meet their mother, get kidnapped by Ragyo, ultimately destroy the Primordial Life Fiber, and watch her mother crush her own heart.

"At least, all is right. Good bye Satsuki Matoi. It's been fun."

-Unknown area, Isaac's POV-

Where the hell am I? I'm looking around, and I see a field of grass, and some weird looking trees, and a floating ring.

A tall man with short black hair and armor looked at me and said, "So you are the one who fixed that universe? I don't know who you are, but I thank you. Welcome to the Chronal Nexus. I am Clark, leader of the Wanderers."

"The hell are the Wanderers?"

"We are protectors of all universes. We are pretty much 'immune' to time. If time changes, we go with that flow, and try to fix what changed it. From what we can tell, they are just parasites that feed off huge power sources and distort time greatly enough to change it all. We thought this 'Kill la Kill' universe would be safe, but you had proved us wrong, and for that I thank you for changing it back."

"Can I return to my own time?"

"I'm sorry, but no can do. But you're welcome to join the Wanderers."

"I guess I have no choice. The name is Isaac Fennis."

"Great. Let me show you around and we'll get you settled."

-Chronal Nexus, 1 week later, Isaac's POV-

Finally, after all the shit I've been through, I get to relax. I was just a high school student who happened to be dating the hero of an entire universe. From what I've been told by Clark, there are multiple universes, and the Wanderers watch over them. The universes' events are recorded in the fashion of Japanese manga and anime, and if there is any change, then they fix it.

I'll tell you this: I miss Satsuki, but I'm glad she and Ryuko are safe. Oh well, I gotta move on.


Anarchy Clothing-Stripped of Power!
HEY everyone! Welcome to the final chapter of Anarchy Clothing. In this chapter, Isaac, the Student Counsel, and Nudist Beach make the final assault on Ragyo, where Isaac finds pleasure, pain, and makes everything right......Thanks for reading. I will make a High School DxD fanfiction soon, so look forward to that!

Mature Content

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-Honnoji Academy, 1 week later, Isaac's POV-

Damn. Satsuki and I just finished training or the Sudden Death match and just got back to Honnoji Academy courtyard and there were the few remaining student and of course, the Elite Three, and no-star Uzu Sanageyama.

Ryuko got on top of the tower and said, "I congratulate all who have survived the last week. But now comes the true challenge: The Sudden Death Match!"

5 huge pillars then rose up from the pillar and Ryuko said, "These pillars are your next obstacles. Climb to the top and the match will begin."

I said to Satsuki, "Ready?"

She nodded to me and I replied, "Good. Then let's go!"

Satsuki and I jumped up to the top of our tower quickly, kicking some ass along the way, and when we got to the top, we saw all the Elite Three members and Uzu Sanageyama.

Ryuko then said, "Congrats, Elite Three, Uzu, Isaac, and dear sister. Now, you must fight each other, until there is only one."

Ira then said, "Lady Ryuko, we have a proposition. Let us fight Fennis and Matoi, one-on-one."

Nonon continued on what Ira said, "It would be fair that way. Don't you agree, Lady Ryuko?"

Ryuko said, "I allow this. Then who is the first fighter?!"

Ira replied, "That would be me and Matoi. Get ready, Satsuki!"

He jumped to a newly formed stadium, and Satsuki followed suit.

Satsuki said, "Are you ready, Gamagori?"

He said, "As ready as I'll ever be Matoi." He then activated his Goku Uniform and said, "Three-Star Goku Uniform! Shackle Regalia!"

He was wrapped in the bandages, and said, "How do you like the Shackle Regalia?"

She said, "Eh, I think I'll get bored of it soon enough."

She then pulled the tab of the Seki Tekko and the Life Fibers of Senketsu weaved around her and tightened. "Life Fiber Synchronize! Kamui Senketsu!"

She got into the armor-like form of Senketsu, and took out her new sword, a red-tinted katana, made of the remaining pieces of the Scissor Blade. "You will be the first to taste my blade.....Let's go!!!"

She rushed towards him and kept striking Gamagori, but he was absorbing all the blows and swelling with that power. "You think that's a good idea, Matoi? You already saw what is about to happen.....Activate! Scourge Regalia!"

He was then in the thick armor of the Scourge Regalia, and Satsuki said, "I know, but you better not underestimate me!" She then struck at Gamagori and the armor started to crack.

He then swung at her, but with her enhanced reflexes, she grabbed his huge arm, moved around it, and punched him through his helmet. "As I said before, you better not underestimate the might of the Matoi family!"

He went back into the Shackle form, and said, "I don't know how you were about to get through my Scourge Regalia, but it won't happen again!"

She decided to not strike him, o he brought out his spiked whips and whipped himself to the Scourge form again, and charged at her. His cut was gone and said, "No matter how sharp your blade may be, you will never defeat my Scourge Regalia!"

She replied and said, "Then let's debunk that theory!"

He went back into the Shackle Regalia, but Satsuki was nowhere. "Where are you Matoi?!"

He then felt a hand on his chest and heard Satuki say, "What's wrong? Don't like a woman getting this close to you? Well don't worry, it won't be that long. Transform! Senketsu Sanjin!!"

-Wreckage of Matoi Manor, yesterday, Isaac's POV-

We finished with the training, and an hour ago, we got a message from Aikuro. We saw him there with a new sword for Satsuki.

He said, "There's your new weapon. We tested it before, and it is powerful enough to cut any Goku Uniform or Kamui."

Satsuki said, "Good, gives me a greater chance to defeat my sister and bring her to better senses."

I said, "Good we got the sword, but remember Satsuki. With Ira's Shackle and Scourge Regalia, you need to get close when he transforms back to the Shackle."

She kissed my cheek and said, "Don't worry, I got this."

-Back to the fight, Isaac's POV-

She then got blades on parts of Senketsu and it tore the Scourge Regalia to shreds. She then took out the sword and attacked the last part of the Goku Uniform on his chest. "Sen-I-Soshitsu!"

He then was on the floor, with a little bit of blood on his lip. "I must say, I'm impressed Matoi."

"Thanks for that, I didn't mean any of what happened, just a little in 'the zone.' I just want to help my little sister."

"I understand. Now is Hoka Inumuta, you don't have to worry about him."

"Thanks for the advice."

Ryuko said, "So who is the next fighter? Fennis, are you going to join?"

Hoka replied, "No, Lady Ryuko, I shall fight Satsuki. What I just witnessed will be very crucial for my research."

Ira jumped off and landed next to Mako and watched us in silence. Hoka then jumped on and said, "That was truly spectacular, Matoi. I must admit, I'm not much of a fighter, but I'll give it my best shot."

His Goku Uniform activated and said, "Three-Star Goku Uniform! Probe Regalia!"

He was then in a one-piece jumpsuit with keyboards on his arms and legs, and had some covering over his face.

Satsuki said, "Probe Regalia, hm? Doesn't look like it would do much, but I have a feeling I could be wrong." She went back Shippu to normal armor Senketsu, and had her sword at the ready.

Ryuko then said 'Fight!" And they dashed to each other. As Satsuki kept swinging the sword, Hoka kept dodging and countered every now and then. He then said, "I admire your enhanced abilities from Senketsu, but let's see if you can do more than blindingly strike at me."

He then turned invisible and rapidly kicked Satsuki. She thought to herself, 'How can I beat an enemy I can't see?'

Senketsu said, "Let me handle this! Senses.....ENHANCE!!"

Her eyes then looked like a cheetah's, and she could smell and hear better. She focused and heard a quick step to the right and went to dash and strike. As soon as she went to strike, he reverted back to his normal form and said, "I forfeit."

I said, "What?!"

Ryuko said, "What is the meaning of this, Inumuta?"

"I apologize, Lady Ryuko. But I thought you would have known, this data is more than important. I forfeit as Head of the Informative and Strategic Committee."

He then took off his Goku Uniform, and left the stadium.

Ryuko then said, "Who is the next challenger?"

Nonon Jakuzure said, "I think it's time I make my entrance, Lady Ryuko. You better be ready, Matoi."

I said, "No. I'm tired of waiting. I will be your next opponent, Jakuzure."

Ryuko said, "Should be interesting. Then take your place and show your worth, Fennis."

I jumped onto the stadium and Nonon made some flashy march with her band, and I looked at her with a weirdly shocked face. "Ready to start this, Nonon?"

"You shall see that making Sanageyama was a mistake, and I shall make you regret it!"

She activated her Goku Uniform, and as the Life Fibers formed around her, she said, "Three-Star Goku Uniform! Symphony Regalia Grave!"

She now had a pink jumpsuit with bone-like objects on it, and her band-leader hat was the same. But the biggest change was that there were giant speakers attached to it. "Oh, come on! That's not even a uniform!"

I said, "If you're bringing your A-game, then I guess I should as well! Life Fiber Total Link! Seven Strike Gear Hidden Love, Hidden Life!"

She said, "I never understood why you would name your 7 Strike Gear that. Love and life should never be kept away. Let's get this show started!"

She started the fight by playing loud music, so loud that I couldn't move at first! "I don't mind music, but what the hell?!"

I got up and held my sword. "I think it's time for a change of tune!"

I ran towards her, but she started shooting sharp, literally SHARP notes at me, and I just stood in the defensive mode, swinging at very note coming my way. I then focused and gave my sword a small hook. With that, I then too a note, swung it around and threw it back to Nonon. She quickly dodged it and said, "Nice try, but my song will always play, while yours is about to end, Fennis!"

The back of the Grave then started to shift and got jet engines on the back and she said, "Next form! Symphony Regalia De Capo!"

She kept launching sharp notes at me, and when I threw another note at her, she took it, crushed it, and said, "You've done well, but let's see how you fare against this fine piece of wood, you ASSHOLE!!!!"

She then opened a compartment on the bottom and a giant flute missile came flying towards me.

I said, "That's not fair!"

I then grabbed it, turned it around and sent it her way. "From me, to you!"

The flute missile hit her and the speaker airship fell apart. As Nonon was falling, I focused and Hidden Love, Hidden Life grew wings out of its own Life Fibers! I then grabbed her and put her back on the stadium.

She said, "Why?"

"Because I don't want it to be that easy, I see the true power of this Goku Uniform, and if it is destroyed, then I want to see the full extent. Now let me play my music!"

I had my phone on me, and I turned on the 1st RWBY theme. "Now let's fight!"

She came at me with her baton, but I countered, and sliced off her Goku Uniform.

-Honnoji Academy, during the fight, Nonon's POV-

So this is how it ends? Well, Lady Ryuko, at least, we'll be friends right?

I turn towards her, and as my Life Fibers unravel and leave me, I shed a tear.

-Honnoji Academy, Isaac's POV-

I sliced off Nonon's Symphony Regalia, and said, "Sen-I-Soshitsu!"

Nonon said, "I admire your sense of music. Please take it easy on Sanageyama. That monkey may be an ass, but he's a good friend."

"Will do."

She then jumped off, quickly got into a track suit like Inumuta, and got next to Ira and Hoka.

Ryuko said, "Very good. Well, Sanageyama, I believe it is time for you to fight Fennis and reclaim your place as the Head of the Athletics Committee."

Uzu looked at her and said, "Yes, Lady Ryuko. Well Fennis, you will regret insulting me, defeating my tennis club president and making me quit the Elite Four!"

I said to him as he jumped onto the stadium, "As I said before, I did no such thing. And with you quitting the Elite Four, that's on you!"

Hidden Love, Hidden Life went back to the hood form, and I brought out my sword. I then said, "Hey, Satsuki. Please lend Sanageyama your sword."

Uzu said, "Why are you doing this?"

"I want this fight to be fair. No Life Fibers, just a sword fight between 2 honorable men."

Satsuki threw the sword to Uzu, he then caught it, and said, "Thank you....Now let's fight!"

He charged at me, but I blocked, and when I went to swing, he dodged. We both charged, and his face had the ace of determination. He over-powered me, and when he knocked me down, I dodged his next attack, and swung my sword at him. He blocked and grabbed my sword. With every attack, I got out of the way, and when I found an opening, I took Satsuki's sword from him, and when I went to attack him, he said, "I forfeit."

Ryuko said, "Why are you doing this, Sanageyama?"

"I apologize, Lady Ryuko. But after witnessing Fennis in battle, I now realize that what he said is true. It was not him that challenged me and pissed me off, but I don't know who it was. I see that he has true honor and courage in his heart, and will do anything for who he truly cares for."

"I understand."

He jumped off the stadium and sat with Hoka, Nonon, Ira and Mako. Ryuko then said, "Congratulations, Fennis. Now your last challenge is Satsuki."

"I will not do that!"

"But you must. I said that only one will stand."

"And I refuse!"

A cute voice said, "Oh my, Ryuko. It seems you have your hands full with this one."

Ryuko said, "Nice for you to join us, Nui Harime."

When I heard that, I had an angry look on my face, and gripped my sword tighter. Satsuki jumped up to me and said, "Isaac, calm down."

"Fine." I had a neutral expression and sheathed my sword. "My name is Isaac Fennis. Who are you?"

Nui said, "I am Nui Harime, lover of Miss Ryuko, and assistant to her mother. I hear you've been starting some real trouble. Well, her mother is not too pleased, especially since you're doing that with her older daughter, Satsuki. We will see each other again, but for now, I'm taking Ryuko back to her mother. I bid you a good day."

She and Ryuko then left, and I fell to the floor exhausted. Satsuki jumped to me and said, "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, let's go home."

-Monkonshoku Home, Isaac's POV-

We just got home from the Student Counsel Election sudden death match, and after meeting Ryuko's girlfriend, Nui Harime, I'm too damn tired to care about any of that. I'm laying on my bed, relaxing to some music when Satsuki lays next to me. I pause the music, and Satsuki says, "Done for the day?"

"After all that's happened, I'd say so. Ready to sleep?"

"Yeah." She took off Senketsu, and slept next to me.

-Kiryuin Mansion, Ragyo's POV-

Soon will be the time to strike. Nui just came back with Ryuko, and is now in Ryuko's room, 'pleasuring' her. I have put the Time Leech back on the Primordial Life Fiber, and the Covers will be ready to turn every human into Life Fibers......I'm coming for you, dear daughter Satsuki.....

Anarchy Clothing- Matching Outfits! Pt. 2
Here it is! Isaac Fennis and Satsuki Matoi VS the Elite 3 and Uzu Sanageyama! Who will win? Who will lose? Will love conquer all? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged!
I am a sucker for keychains. I have a dog tag of Beth from season 2 of the Walking Dead, Dean Winchester from Supernatural, the 2 Triforces from Link Between Worlds, the Okumura brothers from Blue Exorcist, Deoxys of Pokémon, Kirito of SAO, and Beerus of DBZ: Battle of Gods. and I just found a website to get some more, such as Chuck from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, one of the Gate Keys from Fairy Tail, and probably some others along the way. Thanks for reading!
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