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Yo. Welcome to my profile person who clicked the Random Deviant.....That's right I know you do that, how else do you explain my friends....Anyways, thank you for coming. In this website, my imagination has no limits, and that's why I have fanfictions. If you want to see more, then please go to, and look for my username, MercilessSun. Also my xbox gamertag is WhoozCraznow.

Favorite Superhero-Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Favorite comedian-Robin Williams

Favorite quote-I'm all fired up now!

5 favorite anime-Bleach, Fairy Tail, Highschool of the Dead, Rosario + Vampire, Air Gear

Favorite characters from those 5-Ichigo Kurosaki, Erza Scarlet, Saeko Busajima, Mizore Shirayuki, Ikki

Favorite Starter Pokémon from the 6 generations-Blastoise, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, Torterra, Samurott, Delphox

Type of Magic that I would wield if I were in Fairy Tail-Requip Magic.

Lantern Corps that I would want to join-The Blue Lantern Corps

Favorite video games(Get ready for a long list)-God of War series, Assassin's Creed series, Pokémon (Gens 1-4), Batman Arkham series, Injustice, Borderlands series, Final Fantasy 13 1 and 2, Kingdom Hearts series, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Mortal Kombat, Mario series, Legend of Zelda series, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Bioshock series

Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Bleach, Highschool of the Dead, Air Gear, Rosario + Vampire, Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Broken Blade, Darker Than Black, When They Cry, Iron Man, Blade, Wolverine, X-Men, Death Note, Soul Eater, World War Blue, Highschool DxD, Girls Bravo!, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan

Favorite DC Animated movies: Batman: Under the Red Hood/ Assault on Arkham; Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker; Superman vs the Elite; Superman/ Doomsday; Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies and Apocalypse; Justice League: Doom/ War/ Crisis on 2 Earths/ Flashpoint Paradox; Green Lantern: First Flight/ Emerald Knights; Son of Batman; All-Star Superman

Favorite Comic Books: Fantastic Four, Savage Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Deadpool( Kills the Marvel Universe/ Killustrated), Flashpoint (Along with FP: Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern), Batman (New 52, Killing Joke, Death in the Family, and Beyond: 10000 Clowns), Green Lantern (War of the Green Lanterns; Blackest Night, along with BN: GLC; New 52 GL; Certain GLC issues; 1st volume of Red Lanterns and #20, double issue 28, 24; 1st 3 of GL New guardians, 20, 23, 24; 1-3, 5 of Larfleeze; 1-4 of Sinestro); All-Star Superman, Superman: Red Son, Red Hood and the Outlaws vol. 1 and 2; Justice League vol. 1, Secret Origins 2-6, Fear Itself...And much more to come!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy what I got. ^^

stamp simca air gear by titaniaerza High School DxD Stamp by VanessaBBaranda Gir Stamp by morfachas Imagination stamp by NamiYami
Skyward Sword Link stamp by crazyfreak Moka vampire - stamp by YaYa-chin :thumb349023721:
Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter

Green Lantern by ImprintMechanic Blue Lantern Stamp by ice-fire Sinestro Corps Stamp White by ice-fire Star Sapphire Stamp by ice-fire
Indigo Tribe Stamp by ice-fire Agent Orange Stamp by ice-fire Red Lantern Stamp by ice-fire
Batman Stamp by LadyNatt Batman Beyond Stamp by slifertheskydragon Superman Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art

Fairy Tail Stamp by ashleighvestia

Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps Bleach Stamp -Hyourinmaru- by ice-fire

Kingdom Hearts II Stamp by andrissca Stamp that never was. by jeeshgirl

Squirtle Evolution Line Stamp by nakashimariku Legendary Dog Pokemon Stamp by FireStump Starter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

You may think all Angels are strippers, but we can choose whether or not to do it. Heaven, that's what our mentor, Mesh, taught us.

-20 years ago, Halo Training Grounds, Hood's POV-

Just started Angel training, and I just met our mentor, Mesh. He was about 6 foot, a little muscular and kind of an ass. He was demonstrating his weapon, a mesh shirt that turns into a Greek sword he called Good Night.

After showing us, he tasked us with making our weapons. I was given a jacket with a removable hood, that also has a zipper in the middle. As I started taking it off, a Halo appeared, went down me and the song "Lift Me Up" started playing. I then said, "Oh, Lost Soul swallowed by darkness, have faith in our higher power and be free of your curse. Now take your punishment by those tasked to extinguish the fear. Say your prayers, bitch!" The hood became a single katana, but I separated it and it became 2 sai that I call 'Hidden Love, Hidden Life,' and I slashed at the dummy Ghost, and it blew up.

"Well done, Hood. Now Stocking, front and center!"

She was standing next to her sister, Panty, who of course was looking at some guy she would eventually bone. Stocking walked out in front of us and said her speech, then ended it with, "Repent, motherfucker!"

She slashed at the dummy Ghost with her stocking sword, Stripe I, and the dummy Ghost blew up.

Mesh said, "Excellent, Stocking. Now, let's see how you are, Panty."

Panty snapped out of her horny phase and said, "What?"

"Get up here and show us your weapon."

She got up there and said the same speech as Stocking while taking off her panties and it became a blue and white gun called Backlace. She then said, "Repent, motherfucker!"

Then that dummy blew up as well.

"Good, Panty. Just next time, pay attention."


She went back in line, and we went to our next class, Ghosts.

-Angel Dorms, Hood's POV-

I just got through my 2nd day of Angel training, and after the weapon demonstration, I couldn't stop thinking about Stocking. I heard her and Panty arguing about 2 doors down from me. Panty stormed out with a nude guy, then I walked to her room and said to Stocking, "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, just fucking perfect! For once, I would like my slut of a sister to pay attention for once in her damn life!"

"Look, we all got things that make us ourelves, but annoys the hell out of others. Name's Hood. Wanna go out and do something? I'm sure it'll be good to take your mind off your sister."

"Sure. How about we go to a bakery? I need some sugar right now."

"Sounds good."

I smiled as we flew to the White Feather, a nearby bakery. She ordered a dozen of the sweetest doughnuts and a coffee with some cream and of course, lots of sugar. I said, "Well, I see you love sugar."

"Yeah, it's one of the better pleasures of life."

"I can see. So what was going on with Panty?"

"Well, you see, she's a complete slut. She doesn't even care about our training."

"I see. Well I'm an only child, so I guess I won't know how that would feel."

"Sounds like you got a good life."

"Now don't be like that to Panty, I know you love her. Just let her sex obsession slide for now."

"Fine, but knowing her, she'll probably come back with another guy. I just hope she won't make much noise."

"Wanna get going back?"

"Sounds good."

I held my hand out to get her out of her chair, and she took it with a smile on her face.

We walked back to the dorms while holding hands, and just kept talking about anime, I was surprised she would like it so much.

When we got back, we got to her room and Stocking kissed me.

"Thanks for a good night, my Hood."

She went into the room and saw Panty in bed with another guy.

I went back to my room and went to bed with a big smile on my face.

-Hood's apartment, now, Stocking's POV-

Well, after a day of Ghost hunting, I returned to Hood's place and ate some Halo Cream cookies. He was on the couch watching some Highschool DxD, and said, "Hey, Stocking. How was the hunting?"

"It was fine, finally some good Heaven pay."

"Why is that?"

"Well, every Ghost that Panty and I killed gave us about 1-2 Heaven Coins. This just triples it. Really makes you appreciate work. So whatcha watching?"

"Highschool DxD. Have you seen it?"

"No, what's it about? Besides the boobs."

"Well, it's about a pervert killed by a Fallen Angel, brought back to life by Lucifer's sister, and forced to be the Devil's servant. Once you get past the so-close-to-hentai-ness, there actually is a good plot. Wanna watch with me?"

"Sounds good."

We kept watching for about 1 and 1/2 hours until we started making out. We no longer paid attention to the show. She put her hand down my pants and said, "You wanna take this to the bedroom?"

"I would like nothing more than that."

We almost ran to my room and started taking our clothes off.


Love truly can make you mad....or just bring you to a better level of life. Where life with Stocking will take me, I'll just have to find out.

Hood and Stocking-Mesh Wars

Welcome back, and here is the latest chapter......Mesh Wars! I think Lift Me up by Five Finger Death Punch is a perfect song for Hood, and Highschool DxD is an awesome anime.......Season Born coming out next Friday!!!!

Thanks for reading and remember, if you hate on something, then you're an idiot!

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Daten City. A hellhole of a city where the past truly comes to haunt you. If you don't believe me, ask the Anarchy Sisters, Panty and Stocking.

-Garterbelt's Chapel, Stocking's POV-
About fucking time! Panty and I finally collected enough Heaven Coins to get back into Heaven. The giant Halo appeared above me and I flew through the roof.

-Heaven Gate, ???'s POV-
Finally, After 7 damn months, I get to be with Stocking again. I miss her so much. Heaven, I even changed my hair from orange to light blue with black on the tips. I then saw her appear at the gate with a coat on and I ran to her saying, "Stocking, I can't believe it's you!"

Stocking, with her purple-and-pink hair, said, "Wait who are you?"

"Oh, come on. Don't pretend you don't know your own boyfriend?"

"Wait.....Hood?! Oh, God. I missed you!"

She then kissed me and said, "I didn't recognize you without your hood."

"Well, I'm not hunting Ghosts today, so I figured I'd see you coming back. Wait, where's Panty?"

"That slut must've not been allowed."

"Then let's look through the Mirror of Fate."

We went west of the Gate to the Mirror of Fate. We saw Panty going to a party with a red-haired boy. Stocking said, "Looks like she's completely ignoring her mission. Dumb bitch."

"You shouldn't say that about your own sister."

"Oh, come on. You know how she was up here. Nothing has changed. Wait, she's in trouble! Look. Backlace isn't working."

"I'll ask Gloves about this. Meanwhile, watch what's going on."

I brought out my wings and flew to the Angel Dispersion Center.

-Mirror of Fate, Stocking's POV-

I can't believe it. She has fallen even more. But it looks like she has finally found love....Wait, why is Garterbelt there?

What? She's a virgin again!? Oh, Hood's here. "So what's going on?"

Hood said, "Well, it seems, God is taking Panty's Angel powers away."

"What? Why?"

"She has sinned too much. There's nothing we can do. I'm sorry, Stocking."

"Damn, I'm sorry, sis. I wish there was something I could do."

Hood put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "I know, you don't want to abandon your sister, but how about we go back to my place?"

"Wait, what about my apartment?"

"Well after you were kicked out, it was rented out to Ball-Cap. But I managed to get all your things to my place."

"Even my secret-"

"Yes. That as well."

"Thank you. Let's get going then."

-Hood's Apartment, Hood's POV-

It's good to have Stocking back, but I can't help but feel bad about Panty. I know she was a bitch, but she had a good heart. Stocking just took off her coat and stockings and started eating some Heaven pudding I had in the cupboard.

"Oh, I forgot how sweet this pudding was, or how sweet you can be."

I sat next to her on my couch, and said, "I'm sorry about Panty, but you're welcome to stay here."

"Thank you. I really need this. It's good to be back in Heaven."

She kissed me and kept eating her pudding. I turned the TV on and started watching some WingFlix. I put on an anime called Air Gear. We kept watching until she fell asleep on my lap. I smiled, turned off the TV, picked her up, put her on my bed and slept next to her. She woke up after I lied her down, and said, "I'm glad I have you as a boyfriend."

"And I'm glad to see you again. Good night Stocking." I spooned next to her and fell asleep.

Fate can be cruel, but can also be pretty fucking excellent. Things are almost peaceful in Heaven, but never peaceful in Daten City. But right now, I don't care. As long as I'm with Stocking, all is peaceful in my world.

Hood and Stocking

Wel, after getting back into Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, I figured, why not have a new Angel?.....Hood! Stocking's boyfriend!

Hope you enjoy, and if you hate on this, I won't give a fuck!

Well, this month was pretty awesome so far. It snowed on Monday so I had no work until today, a Thursday, and even then it was pretty awesome. I finally finished season 1 of Attack on Titan.....HOLY SHIT!

But I also got the X-Men Experience collection (1st 4 movies), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns....Damn, and recorded a Magic the Gathering box opening. Pease go to my youtube channel, and I would really appreciate it.

Also later this week, I'm gonna get Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

Oh, and at th end of this month......I'm going to a convention over in Norfolk called ROFcon, as.....The Arrow!
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The Merc with a Mouth....A friend let me borrow 3 Deadpool graphic novels: Deadpool Killustrated; Deadpool Classic Vol 2 and 3.....

Killustrated was awesome. Our good ole red and black garbed merc had already killed the Marvel Universe, but he wanted to go straight to the source......classic literature! He kills Tom Sawyer, the characters from the Jungle Book, Moby Dick and Captain Ahab's crew, even Captain Nemo, crew of the Nautilus and even ARIEL!!!! And one by one, each of the Marvel characters never exists, such as Galactus from Scylla and Charybdis; Ghost Rider and the Goblins from the Headless Horseman; and the very concept of a team from the 3 Musketeers....and the candy bar! but in the end, Sherlock Holmes saved all of reality.....

BUT!! What if Deadpool then drifted to another part of reality....Anime!!! He'd be killing every male character and getting every female.....i'd be jealous.
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Well, this month was pretty awesome so far. It snowed on Monday so I had no work until today, a Thursday, and even then it was pretty awesome. I finally finished season 1 of Attack on Titan.....HOLY SHIT!

But I also got the X-Men Experience collection (1st 4 movies), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns....Damn, and recorded a Magic the Gathering box opening. Pease go to my youtube channel, and I would really appreciate it.

Also later this week, I'm gonna get Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

Oh, and at th end of this month......I'm going to a convention over in Norfolk called ROFcon, as.....The Arrow!
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