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Bout to watch Gotham online ....HELL YEAH!
Hey guys. Well today im going to a comic book store and maybe getting Batman: Hush, and also send a BUNCH of books home.
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Hey, everybody. So I recently got a 3DS for the new Super Smash Bros...but it was sold out of th game, however, i'm getting it shipped to my place, and it'll be here in a week. So for now I'm playing Pokémon X...It's really fun!

I chose Fennekin, and right now I have a lvl 29 Braixen, and for my Kanto region Pokémon, I chose Squirtle! I really like this game.

-Har-El's POV: Central City-

"Well, Spark. There are a couple of questions I have for you."

"Ask away, as long as you answer a couple of my own."

"Of course, first question: How did you come to this Earth?"

After taking in a deep breath, she said, "The Speed Force has always existed, since the beginning of the universe. There are those who have been deemed worthy, such as Jay Garrick and Wally West. But the one Flash I have always admired has been Barry. After that accident, it somehow unlocked the Speed Force to the world. He may have broken time with the Flashpoint, but when Professor Zoom was killed by the Batman of the Flashpoint, he went back and fixed my Great Wound. And when he fixed time, I came into this world with a real form. Now, my question for you: What do you know of the Khaos?"

"My 'mother,' Kara Zor-El, told me that Kal-El researched them before the heroes were all killed. All he could find out is that they survive by killing, and with enough life drained from them, they could destroy all of reality. The only way we can defeat them is by gaining the Wisdom of Solomon. Billy Batson was killed by Khaos Ares, and the powers of Shazam went back to where he got it....."

As we were talking, a Blue Lantern ring came speeding through and went in front of her. "Spark of ???, You have the ability to instill great hope. Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps."

I said, "Well, aren't you full of surprises?"

She said, "In fearful day, In raging night,
               With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
               When all seems lost in the War of Light,
               Look to the stars for Hope burns bright!
I always knew there was still hope in the universe, I just didn't know I was it."

"Hope is always with everyone, but you are the beacon for everyone on Earth. Now let's go find the other members that Kal-El spoke of."

-Dark Wing's POV: Central City-

I rode from Gotham to Central City, Khaos Reverse-Flash's territory. I went towards Barry Allen's apartment, but my bike was rammed into by the different color-schemed menace with dark-red eyes.

He said, "I don't recall putting up a Welcome mat in this city, so why are you here?"

"None of your damn business, Zoom!" I then turned a dial and turned invisible. My equipment was also invisible, so I used the grapnel launcher on a girder and flew to Barry's apartment.

When I got there, I heard a man saying, "...find the other members Kal-El spoke of."

"Looks like your work is cut out for ya, Super Dude. Name's Dark Wing. There is a girl who is getting all the Emotional energies named Trinity of Hope, but she's out getting the Red Lanterns back online right now."

"My name is Har-El, Clone of Supergirl. This is the Spark, embodiment of the Speed Force, and apparently a Blue Lantern. We were about to leave and find the other members of this new Justice League if you want to join us."

"You don't have to ask twice. I suggest we head out to Atlantis. There probably is a new Aqua-person. I'll see you over there whenever I can get there."

The Spark said, "Thank you, Dark Wing. All will be well!" She then ran off with a streak of blue.

Har-El said, "You want me to carry you there?"

"No offense, but I'd rather keep my dignity. Besides, I can fly and turn invisible so Khaos Zoom won't be a problem."

Har-El flew and I turned invisible and flew towards Atlantis.

-Aquarus' POV: Atlantis-

Before I left Poseidon's Temple, the former Queen of Atlantis, Mera said, "I wish you luck Marley. I hope my training has done you well, my daughter."

"Thank you mother. I am now off to Themyscira to find the destined Amazonian warrior. Good bye mother."

I shed a tear and Mera kissed me on the forehead. I swam to the surface, and the Temple crumbled. I got up and was next to the lighthouse that Aquaman grew up on. I saw glimpses of his life with his father, but I shook my head and thought of the mission. I swam to the lost island of Themyscira, the island inhabited by the now-legendary Amazon culture. I was welcomed by spears and swords.

I said, "What? Is it Thursday night already? I wish to speak to a reasonable Amazonian."

I then heard a man speak. "Then you found him. My name is Joseph, son of Diana and Bruce Wayne. What brings you here?"

"My mother, Mera, told me that a warrior from Themyscira would help me defeat the Khaos. Now will you help me?"

"Yes. As long as you help me."

"What is it?"

"As you know, the God of War, Ares, became one of the Khaos. I want you to help me defeat him."

"Yes, of course I will. Now are you ready to leave your home?"

"Yes. Just let me get my equipment."

We went to Joseph's home, and he got his sword, shield and Gauntlets of Submission. We then went to the shore and I called a whale for both of us to ride, and we rode to the Gotham River.

-Trinity of Hope's POV-

I went back to Sector 2814, specifically Ysmault, and I saw the crumbled Red Lantern Central Battery. I then used the Spark of Rage inside my heart and restored the Battery. I absorbed the Red Energy and the Red Lantern. 200 Red Rings then flew off from the planet and a Ring went to me, and another went to Earth.

My Red ring said, "Jackie Baz of Earth. You have great rage in your heart. Welcome to the Red Lanterns."

It went onto my left ring finger, and I said,

"With blood and rage of crimson red,
Dripping from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We will burn you all, that is your fate!"

My eyes went red, but I then calmed down when the Blue Ring flashed.

"Thank you, Lord for giving me Hope before Rage took over. Now I hope the others fair well like I did." I then talked into the communicator.
"Dark Wing, come in. I just got the Red Lanterns on. Is there a new Red Lantern on Earth?"

I heard crackling and then Mark screamed. "Hate..burns!"

I then heard a woman say, "All will be well!"

I replied, "Don't worry, Mark! I'm on my way!"

I then flew off in a trail of green, blue and red.

-The Spark's POV 10 minutes ago -

The Red Light of Rage shined across the universe. We arrived at the shores of Gotham City and before we set off to Atlantis, we saw a woman that looked like Aquaman and a male Amazon with silver armor, a black-and-gold helmet, a a sword, shield, and Wonder Woman's Gauntlets of Submission.

The male Amazon said, "Going somewhere?"

I said, "Yes, we were on our way to Atlantis to find a warrior to help defeat the Khaos. I am the Spark, my enemy is Khaos Professor Zoom."

Dark Wing said, "I am Dark Wing, son of Nightwing, and my enemy is Khaos Bane."

Har-El said, "My name is Har-El, clone of Supergirl, and enemy to the leader of the Khaos, Khaos Darkseid."

The woman said, "I am Aquarus, daughter of Aquaman, and enemy to Khaos Ocean Master."

The man said, "Joseph, son of Wonder Woman and Batman, enemy to Khaos Ares. Looks like you don't have to look that hard."

I said, "I'm guessing that you are willing to help us?"

"Yes. Wait, what's with that ring?"

A Red Lantern Power Ring appeared in front of us and said, "Mark Grayson of Earth, You have great rage in your heart. Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps."

The ring got onto Dark Wing's right ring finger and he started screaming with blood gushing out of his mouth. He then looked at us with angry eyes, and said, "Get...AWAY!!"

As he screamed, the red blood bursted out, but we dodged, and saw the sand burn.

He then said, "Hate...burns!"

Aquarus said, "Quick, use your Blue Ring, it is the only way we can get Dark Wing back!"

I then yelled, "All will be well!"

I held the ring up to him, it then shined and Mark calmed down. He then held his hand to his ear and said, "Hey, Trinity, everything is fine now. Hold on let me put the others on the line."

Dar Wing gave us all communicators, and we then heard Trinity of Hope. "Hello, everyone. This is Jackie Baz, but please call me Trinity of Hope. I apologize for freaking you out with that light show. Now I'm off to get the Indigo Tribe back."

I said, "Wait, we at least want to see you."

"Awesome. I'm right outside of Mars. I'll be right there!"

We saw a streak of green, blue and red crash down before us. "Hi there. Nice to meet you guys, and good to see you again, Dark Wing."

Har-El said, "Hello, I am Har-El. This is The Spark, Aquarus, and Joseph. I appreciate you bringing back to Lantern Corps, but we need a strategy on how to deal with the Khaos."

"Yeah, you're right. Dark Wing, do you have any ideas?"

"Well, when I did my research, I found that there are 2 components needed to defeat them: a weapon from the Khaos, and all the Lantern Corps Rings. You're already starting the latter, Trinity, but we need to get a Khaos weapon."

Har-El replied, "We could get the Wisdom of Solomon. I know where Shazam is, so that won't be a problem. Aquarus, you'll come with me. Dark Wing and Joseph, gather as much intel as you can to fill in the gaps needed to defeat them. And Spark, go with Trinity to help her with any troubles she encounter. By the way, what should we call ourselves?"

Trinity said, "How about 'the Anti-Khaos?'"

Joseph said, "That works for me."

"Alright, let's kick some ass!"

Trinity and I flew off into space, while Har-El and Aquarus rushed to Fawcett City, Indiana, and Mark and Joseph went to the Batcave to find more information. 

Khaos of Earth Prime-The Anti-Khaos Unites
Har-El and the Spark discuss their origins and the Khaos. Dark Wing meets up with them. Trinity revives the Reds. An Atlantean and Amazon are on the same mission......Read and the gaps will be filled in.
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Hey, everybody. So I recently got a 3DS for the new Super Smash Bros...but it was sold out of th game, however, i'm getting it shipped to my place, and it'll be here in a week. So for now I'm playing Pokémon X...It's really fun!

I chose Fennekin, and right now I have a lvl 29 Braixen, and for my Kanto region Pokémon, I chose Squirtle! I really like this game.


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United States
Yo. Welcome to my profile person who clicked the Random Deviant.....That's right I know you do that, how else do you explain my friends....Anyways, thank you for coming. In this website, my imagination has no limits, and that's why I have fanfictions. If you want to see more, then please go to, and look for my username, MercilessSun. Also my xbox gamertag is WhoozCraznow.

Favorite Superhero-Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Favorite comedian-Robin Williams

Favorite quote-I'm all fired up now!

5 favorite anime-Bleach, Fairy Tail, Highschool of the Dead, Rosario + Vampire, Air Gear

Favorite characters from those 5-Ichigo Kurosaki, Erza Scarlet, Saeko Busajima, Mizore Shirayuki, Ikki

Favorite Starter Pokémon from the 1st 4 generations-Blastoise, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, Torterra

Type of Magic that I would wield if I were in Fairy Tail-Requip Magic.

Lantern Corps that I would want to join-The Blue Lantern Corps

Favorite video games(Get ready for a long list)-God of War series, Assassin's Creed series, Pokémon (Gens 1-4), Batman Arkham series, Injustice, Borderlands series, Final Fantasy 13 1 and 2, Kingdom Hearts series, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Mortal Kombat, Mario series, Legend of Zelda series, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Bleach, Highschool of the Dead, Air Gear, Rosario + Vampire, Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Broken Blade, Darker Than Black, When They Cry, Iron Man, Blade, Wolverine, X-Men, Death Note, Soul Eater, World War Blue

Favorite Comic Books: Fantastic Four, Savage Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Flashpoint (Along with FP: Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern), Batman (New 52, Killing Joke, and Death in the Family), Green Lantern (War of the Green Lanterns, New 52 GL; Certain GLC issues; 1st volume of Red Lanterns and #20, double issue 28, 24; 1st 3 of GL New guardians, 20, 23, 24; 1-3, 5 of Larfleeze; 1-4 of Sinestro); All-Star Superman, Secret Origins 2-5...And much more to come!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy what I got. ^^

stamp simca air gear by titaniaerza High School DxD Stamp by VanessaBBaranda Gir Stamp by morfachas Imagination stamp by NamiYami
Skyward Sword Link stamp by crazyfreak Moka vampire - stamp by Yammyzita HOTD ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki
Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter

Green Lantern by ImprintMechanic Blue Lantern Stamp by ice-fire Sinestro Corps Stamp White by ice-fire Star Sapphire Stamp by ice-fire
Indigo Tribe Stamp by ice-fire Agent Orange Stamp by ice-fire Red Lantern Stamp by ice-fire
Batman Stamp by LadyNatt Batman Beyond Stamp by slifertheskydragon Superman Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art

Fairy Tail Stamp by ashleighvestia

Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps Bleach Stamp -Hyourinmaru- by ice-fire

Kingdom Hearts II Stamp by andrissca Stamp that never was. by jeeshgirl

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