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United States
Yo. Welcome to my profile person who clicked the Random Deviant.....That's right I know you do that, how else do you explain my friends....Anyways, thank you for coming. In this website, my imagination has no limits, and that's why I have fanfictions. If you want to see more, then please go to, and look for my username, MercilessSun. Also my xbox gamertag is WhoozCraznow.

Favorite Superhero-Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Favorite comedian-Robin Williams

Favorite quote-I'm all fired up now!

5 favorite anime-Bleach, Fairy Tail, Highschool of the Dead, Rosario + Vampire, Air Gear

Favorite characters from those 5-Ichigo Kurosaki, Erza Scarlet, Saeko Busajima, Mizore Shirayuki, Ikki

Favorite Starter Pokémon from the 6 generations-Blastoise, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, Torterra, Samurott, Delphox

Type of Magic that I would wield if I were in Fairy Tail-Requip Magic.

Lantern Corps that I would want to join-The Blue Lantern Corps

Favorite video games(Get ready for a long list)-God of War series, Assassin's Creed series, Pokémon (Gens 1-4), Batman Arkham series, Injustice, Borderlands series, Final Fantasy 13 1 and 2, Kingdom Hearts series, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Mortal Kombat, Mario series, Legend of Zelda series, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Bioshock series

Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Bleach, Highschool of the Dead, Air Gear, Rosario + Vampire, Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Broken Blade, Darker Than Black, When They Cry, Iron Man, Blade, Wolverine, X-Men, Death Note, Soul Eater, World War Blue, Highschool DxD, Girls Bravo!, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan

Favorite DC Animated movies: Batman: Under the Red Hood/ Assault on Arkham; Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker; Superman vs the Elite; Superman/ Doomsday; Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies and Apocalypse; Justice League: Doom/ War/ Crisis on 2 Earths/ Flashpoint Paradox; Green Lantern: First Flight/ Emerald Knights; Son of Batman; All-Star Superman

Favorite Comic Books: Fantastic Four, Savage Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Deadpool( Kills the Marvel Universe/ Killustrated), Flashpoint (Along with FP: Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern), Batman (New 52, Killing Joke, Death in the Family, and Beyond: 10000 Clowns), Green Lantern (War of the Green Lanterns; Blackest Night, along with BN: GLC; New 52 GL; Certain GLC issues; 1st volume of Red Lanterns and #20, double issue 28, 24; 1st 3 of GL New guardians, 20, 23, 24; 1-3, 5 of Larfleeze; 1-4 of Sinestro); All-Star Superman, Superman: Red Son, Red Hood and the Outlaws vol. 1 and 2; Justice League vol. 1, Secret Origins 2-6, Fear Itself...And much more to come!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy what I got. ^^

stamp simca air gear by titaniaerza High School DxD Stamp by VanessaBBaranda Gir Stamp by morfachas Imagination stamp by NamiYami
Skyward Sword Link stamp by crazyfreak Moka vampire - stamp by YaYa-chin :thumb349023721:
Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter

Green Lantern by ImprintMechanic Blue Lantern Stamp by ice-fire Sinestro Corps Stamp White by ice-fire Star Sapphire Stamp by ice-fire
Indigo Tribe Stamp by ice-fire Agent Orange Stamp by ice-fire Red Lantern Stamp by ice-fire
Batman Stamp by LadyNatt Batman Beyond Stamp by slifertheskydragon Superman Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art

Fairy Tail Stamp by ashleighvestia

Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps Bleach Stamp -Hyourinmaru- by ice-fire

Kingdom Hearts II Stamp by andrissca Stamp that never was. by jeeshgirl

Squirtle Evolution Line Stamp by nakashimariku Legendary Dog Pokemon Stamp by FireStump Starter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


That's right! This guy is now a TCG player, and im ready for next sunday cause there will be a pre release for the next set, Roaring Skies, which has Rayquaza-EX, Mega Rayquaza, and a new energy!
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...To be a Saiyan...I am one on Xenoverse, but I wouldn't want to be one in real life. I mean, sure, I could be an Angel, but that's to be with Stocking, and kill Scanty, Kneesocks and Corset; and a Soul Reaper cause they are awesome; hell even the clone of Supergirl!

But the Saiyans are too damn cocky sometimes, and I wouldn't want to train in 400x normal gravity!
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What if Son Goku/Kakarot hadn't been sent to Earth before the destruction of Planet Vegeta?

-Kakarot- Baby Kakarot had been sent to his older brother Raditz, and in 10 years, became the 2nd-in-command for King Vegeta's army.

-Bulma- Bulma was on her journey to collect all the Dragon Balls, but when she got to Grandpa Gohan's home, he turned her away. Her journey was then short lived after Agent Mai took her Dragon Balls.

-Emperor Pilaf- The little blue monkey took all the Dragon Balls and wished for immortality. 3 months after, he had his massive army destroy the major powers of the world and enslaved us all. Krillin tried to escape, but was taken by Shu and Mai and turned into a soldier in his army. Piccolo fused with Kami and defeated Pilaf, but took control of the planet.

-King Vegeta- The prideful son of the previous King Vegeta learned of his father's death and planet's destruction, and pleaded with Frieza to make him a powerful army with the remaining Saiyans. The new 'Armored Tail' Saiyan Force was completely unstoppable, destroying countless species and galaxies. When they arrived at Namek, they quickly got the Namekian Dragon Balls. When they got the final Dragon Ball from Nail and Guru, Vegeta forced Guru to awaken the Dragon, and with that, Frieza gained immortality, and destroyed all the Saiyans and Namekians. But when he killed Guru, the Dragon Balls vanished, but it did not matter. He then conquered the entire universe and lived until the end of the universe.

What If-Dragon Ball Z
Yet another anime what if! This time with my new favorite...Dragon Ball Z! Freaky as hell, but i hope you like it! ^^

What if Ragyo Kiryuin's youngest daughter, Ryuko, wasn't a failure in fusing her with Life Fibers?

-Ryuko- Our protagonist would become the antagonist, as she would then lead Honnoji Academy, one of the 7 Academy Capitols of the world. She would wear not Senketsu, but Junketsu, since Ragyo had Junketsu. Also she had been sent to kill Isshin Matoi instead of Nui Harime around the time Isshin finished the Rending Scissors, but the Scissors were destroyed.

-Satsuki- The once beloved daughter of the Kiryuin family had been abandoned by her mother, and ran off to live with Mako Mankanshoku. She wanted to find a way to defeat her sister and bring her back to her senses, and the head agent of Nudist Beach, Aikuro Mikisugi gave her a clue to Isshin's destroyed mansion. She went to that same pile of clothes and found Senketsu. Aikuro then gave Satsuki a replica of the Rending Scissors, and she then went to fight Ryuko, where she failed and was brainwashed by Ragyo.

-Nudist Beach- The organization set on destroying Ragyo's empire, Revocs, was short lived. Aikuro was found out on the day of Satsuki's assault and killed by Nui Harime; Tsumugu Kinagase was killed by Ira, head of the Disciplinary department; and the headquarters of Nudist Beach was infiltrated by the other 3 of the Elite Four: Hoka Inamuta (Informative), Nonon (Non-Athletic) and Uzu (Athletic) who had both his eyes.

-Primordial Life Fiber- The first Life Fiber that was housed by Ragyo ultimately turned on her and took over the entire world. The only person who could break through the reign of the Life Fibers was Mako Mankanshoku. She took an experimental 4-Star Goku Uniform, took control of it, and with the replica of the Rending Scissors from Satsuki, killed the Primordial Life Fiber.

What If-Kill la Kill
That's right! We have another Anime What if! This time, it's the pure fun of fan service known as Kill la Kill! Enjoy!! ^^

What would happen if Ryuk, the Shinigami, didn't drop the Death Note?

-Ryuk- The Shinigami would have been scribbling some names in the Death Note until he found it useless, and in 210 years, he would wither and die.

-Light Yagami- The 'God' would have never touched the Death Note, so he passed highschool with highest honors, went to college, and became a lawyer, and occasionally helping his father catch some criminals, such as Kira.

-Misa Amane- The girlfriend of Light Yagami still got the Death Note from Rem because Gelus still sacrificed himself to save her, but she became the only Kira, and because of that, never met Light. She was Kira for 6 months until she was caught by L and Chief Yagami's task force. But because Rem cared for Misa, he sacrificed himself and killed L and Chief Yagami to save Misa. Now since she still had the Shinigami Eyes, she lived in seclusion for 35 years.

-L- The legendary detective was working with Chief Yagami to catch Kira, but he didn't suspect anyone like Light, but Chief Yagami thought it was necessary to have Light work with him. After 3 months of random deaths, they found a potential suspect, Misa, and after using Light as bait by having him pretend to be her boyfriend, she spilled the beans, and when Chief Yagami and L got to her, Rem killed them both.

What If-Death Note
I thought of something crazy and interesting.....Anime What-Ifs! So here is my first one, Death Note. It's real simple when you think of it. Hope you enjoy.^^Meow :3 
That's right! This guy is now a TCG player, and im ready for next sunday cause there will be a pre release for the next set, Roaring Skies, which has Rayquaza-EX, Mega Rayquaza, and a new energy!
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